What can you expect going from natural grass to artificial turf

What to expect when you are making a change from natural grass to artificial turf.

The following are some important information you need to know about transitioning from natural grass to artificial turf, and what you can expect throughout the process. The installation is included with the purchase of your synthetic lawn materials. 

After the natural grass is removed the installation crew will begin to prepare the ground. A few inches of the existing grass is cut into squares making it easy to remove and stacked onto pallets and taken elsewhere. It is also possible to sell the sod if it is of high quality.

They will measure the area to determine how much turf will be needed to cover the space. Dirt is broken up and loosened to provide a smooth surface. Rubber pellets or crushed stones are laid out under the turf in order to provide water drainage through the penetrable backing of the synthetic grass. The drains will be checked by the crew to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Synthetic turf usually comes in large rolls or squares making the installation process come together rather quickly. A few days later rolling the yard helps the dirt to settle assuring that the synthetic grass lays evenly.

Once the artificial turf is in place you can enjoy all the benefits of your faux grass such as not having to waste water, saving tremendously on your water bill, no more mowing the lawn, or having to fertilize your lawn ever again. You will always be able to look out onto a bright green grass that requires virtually no maintenance. One thing to note is that artificial grass will absorb the heat during hotter months due to the nature of its material since it does not cool down as in natural grass however, the enormous benefits outweigh this matter.

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